Kiwanis Club-Woodmore's Community Partner

The Kiwanis club of Brainerd has been a great community partner for Woodmore. They are helping us to meet our students' needs in several different ways. One of the primary manners in which they help is by allowing students to read to them. At this time, we have approximately 10 volunteers that meet with our students weekly to read. The students are reading material that has been chosen for them by a teacher. Our hope is that this will increase our students' reading fluency skills and move them to the next level in literacy.


Another manner in which the Kiwanis club members assist Woodmore is by funding reward events for our school-wide positive behavior (SWPS) program. They make it possible for our students to receive rewards in return for their positive behaviors at school and on the bus. The Kiwanis members also meet the need of the classroom teachers by providing classroom materials to assist with daily and quarterly projects.

Finally, the Kiwanis club sponsors Woodmore's K-Kids, a leadership and service club. The K-Kids' club gives our students the opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as encouraging them to give back to our community. The Kiwanis club's dedication and support allows us to serve the whole student, with the hope that Woodmore Elementary will produce well-rounded students.

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