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Woodmore Elementary

Eagle Time Extended Day Program

The framework for designing the curriculum units at Woodmore Elementary will be based upon an integration of student academic needs, the common core state standards (CCSS), differentiated instruction, and providing instruction that deepens students' understandings for reading, writing, literacy, math, science, and social studies within the context of making real world and authentic connections. Understanding by Design (UbD) is the curriculum framework in which learning units will be designed.

This backwards designed framework is driven through teacher collaboration, sharing, creating, and engaging in deep discussions about what are big ideas, understandings, and essential questions of a unit of study. Teachers delve into asking themselves and each other, "What do we want students to understand, know, and be able to do?" A professional learning community is created and sustained through this collaborative process that naturally creates teachers accountability within a grade level, a team, and vertically throughout the grade levels. The process of this professional development stretches teachers to think critically about what they teach, why they teach specific content, and how to work together to help each other understand the big ideas within the learning units.

During the week of June 10-14, 2013, the teachers of Woodmore Elementary participated in building teacher leadership capacity, Understanding by Design, and differentiated instruction professional development provided by the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD). The first drafts of the units our teachers have decided to teach are based from the text, Common Core Curriculum Maps in English Language Arts Grades K-5 by Common Core.

Woodmore Elementary

K-5 Understanding by Design Curriculum Guide - 2013-2014


Quarter 1


Quarter 2

"Around the World"

Quarter 3


Quarter 4



Wonders of Nature: Plants, Bugs, and Frogs

Exploring with Friends in the Neighborhood

America: Symbols and Celebrations

Tell A Story 1-2-3


The Amazing Animal World

Around the World with a Glass Slipper

American Contributions

Winds of Change


Taking Care of Ourselves

The Wild West

A Long Journey to Freedom

Hand-Me-Down Tales from Around the World


A Feast of Words on a Planet Called Earth - and Beyond

Stories Worth Telling Again and Again

The People, The Preamble, and The Presidents

Fantastic Adventures with Dragons, Gods, and Giants




Stories of the Earth and Sky

Animals are Characters Too: Characters Who Gallop, Bark, and Squeak

Revolutionaries from the Past

Literary Heroes


Renaissance Thinking

Clues to a Culture

America in Conflict

Coming of Age

                                                THE STRUCTURE OF THE EXTENDED DAY



The interdisciplinary units are designed to meet student literacy needs through reading, writing, science, and social studies will be the strategic use of this time from 3:00-4:45. The UbD learning units will provide engaging hands-on learning for all students while participating, and creating the performance tasks of the UbD unit.

Teachers will provide high-level performance tasks aligned with the CCSS to meet students' math and science needs. Students will actively work in partners and small groups to solve real world math and science problems and challenges.


See unit descriptions above.


-Tasks from using manipulatives with share-out justifications.

-Math and Science Olympiad challenges

-Grade-level teacher generated math and science tasks requiring multiple models and justifications













Library & Computer Lab


Music & PE Support

The library and the computer lab will be utilized as a research and resources center. The librarian and the computer lab educational assistant will be available for teachers to schedule time as a class or to facilitate a group of students in conducting research based on the available resources.

In order to support all grade levels and all classes, the 2 related arts teachers' will have a bi-weekly rotation of support of at least 30 minutes per grade level.

Depending upon the performance task, the related arts teacher's time will be flexible. The music and PE teachers will co-teach along-side the grade level teachers. The students will not necessarily go to the related arts teachers' classrooms unless their classrooms will better accommodate the completion of a performance task. The related arts teachers may provide the support in the grade level teacher's classroom.

Time Frame:

Week 1:  30 minute explorations with grades K-2 (whole grade group practices with teachers assisting)

Week 2:  30 minute explorations with grades 3-5 (whole grade group practices with teachers assisting

 There may be times in which the music and PE teacher work with an entire grade level.

 Examples Include:

Musical performances and body movement performances will be included in these UbD units of learning.