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20 Minutes of reading a day is the goal!

BOOK IT! is the longest-running corporate-supported reading program in the country, and has engaged educators for more than three decades to aid in the effort of helping 60 million children read more than 54 billion minutes. The goal of the program since inception, which is available from kindergarten through sixth grade, has been to help kids develop a love of reading. Students who meet monthly reading goals are provided with a Reading Award Certificate that can be redeemed at participating Pizza Hut locations for a Passport to Reading Award and a one-topping Personal Pan Pizza.

The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program, which originated in 1984 in Wichita, Kan., and has since been experienced by millions of kids across the country.

Woodmore participates in this national reading program. Our program will begin in November and run through March and is designed to motivate students in grades K – 5 by rewarding them with free pizza from Pizza Hut.  In this program, teachers set the monthly reading goals for each student according to his or her own reading skills.  Non-readers can meet their goals by being read to by others.  After the monthly goals are met, students notify Woodmore to report their success and have a coupon for a free pizza sent to them.

A special reward will be given to the boy and girl from each grade that reads for the highest number of minutes.